ABOUT :: SEA Company



SEA Company was founded in 1990.


Nowadays a group of companies under SEATM is a leading Ukrainian distributor in numerous business dimensions that include: electronic components, power supplies, electrical equipment, power distribution equipment, industrial computers, measuring instruments, soldering equipment and wireless components.


SEA Company produces traffic lights and traffic information & control systems; parking meters & parking control systems; automated monitoring and control systems for urban infrastructure; electrical equipment and electricity meters, LED screen etc.


Since 2007 SEA Company has been a contract manufacturer of electronic devices, and it also designs and manufactures PCB (printed circuit boards) and provides commercial R&D activities.


Quality management system of the company was approved to ISO 9001:2009.


We are the official distributor in Ukraine of the following manufacturers:


The product portfolio of the group of SEATM companies includes:

  • Active Components
  • Passive Components
  • Connectors
  • Components for Wireless Technologies
  • Power Supplies
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Power Distribution Equipment
  • Industrial Computers
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Soldering Equipment and Tools
  • LED Products


Our possibilities are not restricted by above mentioned list, because direct deliveries from manufacturers, and supplies from the biggest world distributors of electronic components make spectrum of our possibilities unlimited.

SEA Company, being a founder of such popular magazines as «Radioamator», «Radiocomponents» and «Electric», uses actively them for popularization of supplied products.




SEA Company was established in 1990. That year tiny entity under the name of SEA began operations with small-batch assembly and repair of electronics.   


In 1992 facing a growing shortage of domestically manufactured electronic components the company provided first deliveries of them from abroad. And in the near future import of electronic components would transformed into a standalone subdivision.


In 1993 SEA Company successfully launched a publishing house. In the very first its year Radioamator magazine became extremely popular and attracted an impressive number of subscribers - more than 270 thousand.


In two years the company opened the first in the country Hi-FI-class electronic store.     


Since 1997 the company has been providing Ukrainian market with soldering equipment and measurement instruments.


Global computer problem Y2K that emerged at the turn of the millennium was resolved on the territory of Ukraine due to SEA Company’s assistance. In 1999 SEA participates in eliminating the threat of Y2K bug at the state level.


In 1999 SEA opened its first office abroad - in Russia. In three years SEA headquarter in Germany was opened. Some years later – in UK.


In 2008 new stage in the history of SEA Company began. ‘We realized that peaked in our domain and began to search for new opportunities for development. Thus, economical crisis of 2008 fruitfully pushed us to explore new business dimensions,’ – Viktor Kurinyy comments, CEO of SEA Electronics Ukraine, LLC.


In 2008 SEA Company launched in-house production facilities, started contract manufacturing of electronics, provided proprietary design within in-house design-engineering department. Electricity meter appeared to be its first brainchild on the market. And soon the company became the first manufacturer of LED traffic lights in Ukraine.


In 2009 the company started distribution of equipment for power engineering, namely dry power transformers, switchgears, circuit-breakers, high-voltage wires, etc.   


Since 2010 the company has been developing automated systems for housing and communal services: street light control system, elevator dispatching control system, boiler station control system, metering of water and heat consumption and control system for water and heating utilities, etc. LED screens and media facades under SEATM brand name for advertising and entertainment entered the market in the same year.         


A standalone department of the company has been developed and implemented hardware/firmware system CARS CONTROL for satellite monitoring of vehicles.    


In 2012 the company started designing and manufacturing of parking meters and parking systems. In a year (in 2013) the company opened cooperation with Ukrainian nuclear power plants.


In 2015 SEA Company implemented dispatching control system for transformer substations up to 110 kV. Also it started development of smart city complex solution via integration of standalone automated complexes into unified municipal information system.


It is the market that drives us out of comfort zone and forced us to outrun the competitors. For this reason the company has been remaining a provider of innovations’, - Irina Koval sais, Head of Marketing and IT.


Nowadays SEA transacts with over 2 thousand clients and more than 300 foreign suppliers. Only in Ukraine apart other markets the company provides over 50 thousand products and services, while has been remaining a leading Ukrainian manufacturer and distributor of electronic equipment for municipal infrastructure and housing and communal services, transport and construction industries, energy sector, advertising and entertainment, etc.


However, the whole world is the scope of SEA geography.


Naturally, we try to put into foreign markets everything we have developed and manufactured. Today we are well known in the CIS and the neighboring countries – summarizes Ekhram Salakhov, MD of SEA Company.


Proprietary products of the company have been successfully applied in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Deliveries of products for manufacturing and distribution are provided from all the industrialized regions of the world - the US, EU and Asia. SEA headquarters have been opened in Germany and the UK. The company employs over 300 highly qualified specialists. The quality management system in SEA subdivisions has been certified for compliance with international standards (ISO 9001: 2009).


In 2008 we have focused on development and production. And since then we have been released to the market more than 20 proprietary products – Viktor Kurinyy accents .


Our complex solutions have been successfully operated in more than 20 cities’, - Ivan Lenda added, CEO of SEA Electrotechnique, LLC.


Today SEA Company remains the only company in Ukraine, which provides municipal authorities with technical tools for complex management of a modern metropolis. The success of SEA Company associates with its five main advantages, which no one domestic competitor possesses:

1. In-house manufacture;     

2. Customization of products; 

3. Right strategy and competent management;          

4. Bona fide partnership;        

5. Team of talents