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SEA Company represents at the Ukrainian market a complete line of specialized power supplies of different functionality from leading manufacturers. The basis of the line up converters and inverters from companies such as Traco Electronic AG from Switzerland, Mean Well Enterprises Co. Ltd. from Taiwan, Cosel Co. Ltd. from Japan and Peak Electronics GmbH of Germany.

The range of power supplies designed and manufactured by vendors and supplied by SEA Company in Ukraine and other markets cover almost all needs of the industry in high-quality and high-performance power supplies, as well as satisfy the needs of certain niche SME, SOHO and residential customers.

Traco Electronic AG

TRACO Electronic AG from Switzerland is well-known in the world due to the manufactured range of modular power supplies under the registered trademark TRACOPOWER. Trademark TRACOPOWER is synonymous with reliability, quality performance and optimal price-quality ratio.

This range of products is almost completely covers all needs of industrial customers. Particularly under the brand TRACOPOWER produced one of the most comprehensive programs for standard products:

  • DC/DC Converter Modules, 1–300 W
  • Encapsulated AC/DC Power Modules, 2–100 W
  • AC/DC Power Supplies (open frame / encased), 15–1000 W
  • Power Supplies for DIN-Rail Mounting, 15–1000 W
  • High Power Rack Converters and Inverters, up to 22 kW

Mean Well Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Mean Well Enterprises Co., Ltd is one of the most developing manufacturer of SMPS which rapidly increasing its authority on the world markets. The Taiwanese manufacturer constantly developing range of products, regularly introducing the latest innovative achievements and scrupulous monitoring all market trends and new market niches. Mean Well quickly responds to market demands such as increased demand for power supplies designed for LED lighting products, as well as a new generation of power supplies with low power consumption in run and idle mode. Excellent performance, high quality and competitive prices helps to widespread the devices under the trademark MEAN WELL.

They are used in industrial automation systems, telecommunications and LED lighting, medical engineering and robotics, information and management systems, shop equipment and in many other applications. The production portfolio is quite wide and includes devices for mounting on DIN-rail, chassis, PCB; for standard performance - the power sources in an open design and in a metal case; by functional purpose - the power source for industrial automation systems for LED applications, security and alarm systems for medical equipment for small solar power adapters for household appliances and many other. Of course assortment includes a full range of devices by a process of converting electrical current – DC/DC, AC/AC and DC/AC inverters. Also in the industrial portfolio of the company has devices with a modified and net (real) sine wave and function with an uninterruptible power supply.

We are the official distributor of:

  • Mean Well International Co. Ltd
  • TDK
  • Traco Electronic AG

We perform direct deliveries from our reliable partners:

  • Chinfa Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.
  • Mean Well International Co. Ltd
  • MT-Power Corporation
  • PEAK electronics GmbH
  • Schroff
  • Siemens AG