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Parking Systems with an operator

Parking Systems with an operator designed by SEA Company.


SEA Company offers parking systems with an operator of our own production.


автоматический паркинг автоматическая парковка, паркинг, терминал въезда, парковочный комплекс информационное табло, информационная стелла, табло свободных мест на парковке


Parking systems with an operator is paid parking at which part of the process is already automated, but still requires human participation in the service of visitors.


The compound of the parking systems with an operator is:


1) Inbound terminal:

  •  parking entry terminal;
  •  barrier with inductive and optical sensors;
  •  UPS (up to 20 min.);
  •  Parking Space Signs of free parking lots (optional, it is possible to develop and install the lightbox with LED screen on the customer's requirements);
  •  traffic lights (optional);
  •  photo fixation tools (optional).



At the entrance to the parking, the driver by pressing the buttons on the front of parking terminal gets a parking ticket (or a parking card). On the ticket to enter a bar code encoded information about time of entry. Also on the ticket is printed additional relevant information in plain text (name of organization, time entry, use the parking guide, etc.).

The car drove up to the barrier than the driver transmits the ticket (which he received at the entrance terminal) at the entrance to the parking operator.


2) Parking operator terminal:

  •  PC (server);
  •  WEB camera;
  •  Cash register;
  •  Hand barcode scanner;
  •  Hand or wall-mounted card reader;
  •  UPS (up to 20 min.).


рабочее место оператора парковки, автоматический паркинг, парковочный комплекс, парковка



3) Outbound terminal:

  •  barrier with inductive and optical sensors;
  •  UPS (up to 20 min.);
  •  traffic lights (optional);
  •  photo fixation tools (optional).





Parking operator scans the bar code on the ticket with a help of hand barcode scanner or reading data from the parking card. At the same time appears on his screen calculation of the cost of parking and the final payment amount.

The driver pays the required amount after that the operator observes the program cashier workplace this parking session as closed, with the cash register prints the check that is given to the driver.


Monitoring of workload of entry and exit terminals and parking congestion of vehicles Parking payment


The barrier automatically opens, traffic light turns green. System makes the photo fixation of the car with the help of cameras; these pictures are attached to the parking session and can be further viewed in the archive.


Software of parking systems with an operator

Software for managing of parking system with an operator, developed by specialists of the SEA Company, has the ability to create multiple accounts with different access levels:

  • Operator (only accepting payments and viewing of parking congestion of vehicles);
  • Manager (for accountant or manager - readings of various financial and statistical reports, view statistics of filling up of parking lots, etc.);
  • Administrator (flexible software configuration, commissioning of various tariff etc.).


The window "Options fiscal record" and reporting Parking session Photofixation of vehicle and recording it to the archive



Software of parking system with an operator provides report generation: z-report; x-report; reports for the selected period - the fiscal report, the short fiscal report, the report by the numbers of z-reports.


Data retrieval for one-time visitors (paid parking) Data retrieval for subscriptions (free parking) Automatic detection of state car number


SEA Company - one of the few companies on the Ukrainian market, which have own complete production cycle of parking meters and parking equipment: from design to installation of equipment at the customer's site. In the asset of the company are many completed projects in this area. Parking facilities and parking meters manufactured by SEA Company are simple and reliable in operation, have ample opportunities to extend the functionality and integration into the development of monitoring and dispatching.



Parking Payment Stations

Traffic lights

Parking entry and exit terminals

Parking Space Available Signs



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