Dispatching system of lifts resource - based on cellular GSM :: SEA Company

Dispatching system of lifts resource - based on cellular GSM

Elevator dispatching control system manufactured by SEA Company.


Dispatching system of lifts resource-based on cellular GSM:

  • Increases passenger safety
  • Promptly determines the technical condition of the elevators and the nature of the fault
  • It allows to predict the number of faults
  • It can work with the old relay elevators as well as with new modern digital elevators


In 8 cities of Ukraine our equipmentis installed.



Urban Automation manufactured by SEA Company


Since 2010 the company has been developing automated systems for housing and communal services: street light control system, elevator dispatching control system, boiler station control system, metering of water and heat consumption and control system for water and heating utilities, etc

LED screens and media facades under SEATM brand name for advertising and entertainment entered the market in the same year.         


A standalone department of the company has been developed and implemented hardware/firmware system CARS CONTROL for satellite monitoring of vehicles.    


In 2012 the company started designing and manufacturing of parking meters and parking systems. In a year (in 2013) the company opened cooperation with Ukrainian nuclear power plants.


In 2015 SEA Company implemented dispatching control system for transformer substations up to 110 kV. Also it started development of smart city complex solution via integration of standalone automated complexes into unified municipal information system.

Our complex solutions have been successfully operated in more than 20 cities’, - Ivan Lenda added, CEO of SEA Electrotechnique, LLC.

Proprietary products of the company have been successfully applied in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Kazakhstan.

SEA headquarters have been opened in Germany and the UK.