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Parking with the reverse pattern of entry and exit

  • 21.03.2016
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SEA Company implemented parking system with reversible pattern of entry and exit in Dnepropetrovsk. This solution is designed for parking with limitation or lack of possibility of distribution of traffic flows. For example, reverse traffic pattern with traffic lights has been implemented in a multi-level parking in the town of Brovary, Kyiv region. The need for reversal was due to the narrowness of the carriageway on the interstorey of parking transition, which doesn’t allow free crossing of oncoming traffic flows.

The solution can be implemented in the public or private parking facilities, a fully automatic parking system or parking system with an operator and also with traffic lights control of traffic and automatic determination of the priority of the transmitted transport on the specified criteria.

Entry and exit to the parking area is carried out in one passage, equipped with barriers, entry and exit terminals. Depending on the category of vehicles for which designed parking at the entrance / exit set single level or double level terminals. The use of double level terminals is necessary for the convenience of passing vehicles with high seating position of the driver: buses, trucks, special machinery.

It is also recommended installation of traffic lights at the entrance and exit from the reverse parking to improve traffic safety.

Barriers and traffic lights are controlled by the system of SEA Company's production. To pay for parking services can be used parking meters (fully automated Reversible parking) as well as cashier (reversible parking system with an operator).

At the entrance driver of the vehicle receives a parking card (ticket) which recorded on it time of entry of car on parking with a reverse motion. By the parking card or ticket driver can make payment for the parking services. After payment for parking services, the driver returns the parking card (ticket) in exit terminal and the barrier is automatically raised to exit the vehicle. An entry and exit terminal also has an integrated RFID reader of service cards.

Entrance into the reversible dnepr parkingParking with the reverse pattern of entry and exit in DneprExit from reverse parkingExit terminal at the Dnepr parking with a reversible entry-exit scheme

SEA Company is one of the few companies on the Ukrainian market, which have own complete production cycle of parking meters and parking equipment: from design to installation of equipment at the customer's site. In the asset of the company are many completed projects in this area. Parking facilities and parking meters manufactured by SEA Company are simple and reliable in operation, have ample opportunities to extend the functionality and integration into the development of monitoring and dispatching.


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