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Sale of traffic lights in Ukraine

  • 06.03.2018
  • 664

Designing new traffic lights and repairing preinstalled equipment is one of the main ways to organize safety and improve the overall road transport situation in human settlements.

SEA Company is engaged in developing and manufacturing of the modern and high-tech LED traffic signal lights products in accordance with the world trends and standards since 2007.

We present to your attention the newest generation of road light controllers that can be managed through the Internet, pedestrian and traffic signal LED lights with a central source of light, sound alert devices, countdown timers, pedestrian phase control devices and other equipment for the regulation of automobile traffic of SEA Company own production.

LED traffic lights countdown timer moduleLED pedestrian light with a timer and button

Using a full range of technical tools in the road traffic regulation complex allows you to solve as much road safety problems as possible. The qualified specialists of the SEA Company create custom projects of automatic traffic control and management systems, carry out design, construction and repair works for LED traffic lights.

SEA has many years of experience in designing, constructing and installing traffic management systems in accordance to the GOST and rules. In the portfolio of the SEA Company there are also many projects for modernization of existing traffic lights.

Replacing old lamp traffic lights with new SEATM LED traffic warning signals not only quickly pays off but also creates a new image of a modern city. There are also many cases where it is necessary to eliminate the disadvantages of existing schemes of organization of movement at crossroads, as well as the installation of LED traffic signals at redeveloped intersections. Use of energy efficient traffic lights (such as light solar products) guarantees the minimum operating costs of traffic regulation systems.

Pedestrian road traffic light of SEA production that was installed in UzhgorodTraffic signal led light with a countdow timer in KyivLed traffic warning light for pedestrians

In order to get expert advice and buy traffic lights, please contact SEA Company e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.