• Монтаж на DIN рейку
  • Вход 90~264В переменного тока, частота 47~63Гц
  • Выход 24В постоянного тока
  • Мощность 150Вт
  • Минимальная нагрузка 0А
Input Voltage:90VAC to 264VAC/ Frequency:47Hz to 63Hz/ Input Current:115VAC/4A, 230V/2A/ Inrush Current:The maximum inrush current will not exceed 30A at 115VAC input or 60A at 230VAC input, cold start, 25oC
Output 6.25A (At factory, the +24V is setting to 23.80V to 24.20V at 60% rated load and nominal line.)/ Voltage accuracy:23.52V to 24.48V/
Line Regulation The line regulation is less than + -1% while measuring at rated load and + -10% of input voltage
Load Regulation The load regulation for +24V is less than + -2%, which is measured by changing the tested output load from 0% to 100% of the rated load, and nominal line
Watt 150W
Hold-up Time Hold up time is longer than 32ms at 115VAC input, rated load which is measuring from the end of the last charging pules to when the main output drops down to 95% of output voltage
Efficiency The efficiency is 87% typical by measured at nominal line and rated load
MTBF 304,592 hours on max load at +25°C
Storage Temperature -40ºC ~ 80ºC
Operation Temperature -10ºC ~ 70ºC
Dimensions 210 x 85.6 x 133.5 (mm)
Min. Load 0A
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