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1466-V серія генераторів сигналів

1466D-V генератор сигналів

Ceyear 1466-V series signal generator is a general-purpose test instrument for microwave and millimeter-wave cutting-edge testing, with wide frequency coverage, large RF modulation bandwidth, high signal spectral purity, output power with high accuracy and large dynamic range, and excellent vector modulation accuracy and ACPR performance, with single-machine dual-RF channel and multi-machine cascade design, can meet your various test requirements. Rich built-in functions such as analog modulation, digital modulation, fading simulation, and AWGN make daily testing more convenient. Cooperate with simulation software to realize multi-scenario signal simulation, which makes it easy to support complex scenarios such as wireless communication, mobile communication. A new upgrade of human-computer interaction, with large screen touch graphics guided interaction, mobile browser access control, multi-manufacturer power meter connection identification, multi-client deployment, SCPI command recording, control interface customization and a series of new functions to bring user's test happiness. The Ceyear 1466-V series signal generator is ideal for high standard testing from component level to system level.

Excellent RF Performance

  • Coaxial frequency coverage: 6kHz to 13GHz/20GHz/33GHz/45GHz/53GHz/67GHz
  • Excellent spectral purity: SSB < –132 dBc/Hz (typ.10 GHz carrier at 10kHz offset), Spurious <–80 dBc (10 GHz carrier)
  • Brilliant wideband noise floor, SSB< –161 dBc/Hz (typ.20GHz carrier at 30MHz offset)
  • Large dynamic range of high output power: settable power ranges from -150dBm to +25dBm
  • Maximum 2GHz RF modulation bandwidth, optional 500MHz/1GHz/2GHz bandwidth
  • Outstanding vector modulation accuracy: EVM<0.8% (5GNR, FR2 28GHz)

Various Built-in Functions

  • Rich modulation functions, covering analog modulation, pulse modulation and 30+ digital modulation formats
  • Support playback function of user-defined arbitrary wave data sample rate
  • Support CW multi-tone and complex multi-carrier modulation functions
  • TestModel/FRC covering more than 600 mobile communication protocols such as 5G NR, LTE etc.
  • Integrated WLAN standard wireless connection signal analog function
  • Multi-type noise addition and real-time fading simulation function

Multi-scenario signal simulation

  • Supports flexible editing simulation of various communication protocol signals
  • Single-machine dual-channel + multi-machine cascade, multi-channel independent or phase-coherent output can be flexibly configured

Newly updated interactive interface

  • Large-screen touch graphics guide interaction, support user-defined menus
  • Cross-platform client and browser access control
  • SCPI real-time recorder and code generator for generating executable remote-control code from manual operating steps

Excellent spectral purity, making cutting-edge testing easier

Ceyear 1466-V series signal generator supports high spectral purity output signal, SSB phase noise: -145dBc/Hz @10kHz offset at 1GHz carrier, -132dBc/Hz @10kHz offset at 10GHz carrier, Wideband noise floor: -161dBc/Hz @30MHz offset at 20GHz carrier, spurious<-80dBc at 10GHz carrier, harmonics <-55dBc. The purer signal makes you no longer troubled by interfering signals when testing microwave and millimeter wave components, systems and OTA.

Option H04-2: SSB Phase noise measured value

Large dynamic range, high accuracy power output

Ceyear 1466-V series signal generator maximum output power(typ): +27dBm @5GHz, +24dBm@ 20GHz, +25dBm @30GHz, +22dBm@ 60GHz. Minimum settable output power can up to -150dBm, dynamic range of output power can reach 170dB. Industry-leading power accuracy specifications:<0.5dB below 20GHz(typ).

2GHz RF modulation bandwidth

Ceyear 1466-V series signal generator can provide a maximum 2GHz RF modulation bandwidth. According to different application scenarios, it supports flexible selection of 500MHz, 1GHz and 2GHz bandwidth. When using an external broadband baseband signal input, the RF modulation bandwidth is up to 5GHz. Regardless of the current 5G communication or the future 6G communication, the superior modulation bandwidth performance can easily meet the test challenges.

30GHz Carrier 2GHz Modulation Bandwidth Multi-Tone Signal Spectrum

Excellent vector modulation accuracy

Ceyear 1466-V series signal generator has excellent vector modulation accuracy, QPSK modulation EVM measured value 0.4% (2GHz carrier). 5GNR ACPR (typical value, <-55dBc@2GHz carrier, <-45dBc@42.5GHz carrier). The signal generator is capable of performing performance evaluation in communication equipment research and development and communication equipment performance testing in production lines.

Multi-machine cascade for multi-source phase reference excitation

Support multi-machine cascading, providing solutions for MIMO, beamforming, and signal diversity testing.

1466-V Series Signal Generator Multi-Machine Cascade

Full range of analog modulation

Amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation and pulse modulation are supported. It has complex pulse modulation functions such as double pulse, pulse train, PRF jittering, PRF staggering, and PRF sliding.

Analog Modulation Interface

Multi-style sweep mode

Support Step sweep, List sweep, ramp sweep and power sweep functions.

Comprehensive standard digital modulation styles

Generation of up to 30+ digital standard modulation signals (PSK, FSK, QAM, APSK), covering all important frequency bands and modulation styles for digital communications.

Arbitrary wave playback

Support user-defined arbitrary waveform data variable sampling rate playback function. With the convenient baseband preview function, it is convenient for you to verify the correctness of the data in the time domain and frequency domain at the first time.

Complex Multi-Carrier Modulation Graphical Attribute Interface

Multiple types of noise addition methods

Support pure noise, additive Gaussian noise, continuous wave interference and other noise adding functions.

Additive Gaussian Noise Interface


Intra-pulse modulation

Supports multiple types of intrapulse modulation including linear frequency modulation, Barker code, phase modulation code, etc.

Intra-Pulse Modulation Interface

Real-time fading simulation

Maximum 20 fading paths, supporting fading types such as pure Doppler, Rayleigh, Rice, Rayleigh + lognormal, etc., supporting preset fading scene modes, and simulating fading channel models defined by 3GPP.

Real-time Fading Simulation Interface

The 1466-V signal generator combines simulation software to support multi-type signal simulation and RF output.

Mobile Communication Signal Simulation

For the development and production of mobile communication base stations or terminals, as well as the radio frequency conformance test necessary for the verification and approval of mobile communication equipment network access, the Ceyear 1466-V signal generator supports standard protocol signals through embedded more than 600 TestModel/FRC including 5G NR one-click simulation. At the same time, with the mobile communication signal simulation software, it can realize flexible editing and simulation of various communication protocol signals.

5G NR TM Sample Interface

WLAN Signal Simulation

For the development, production and testing of wireless communication terminals, it has 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless connection PPDU, MPDU, A-MPDU and other signal simulations, and supports physical frames composed of multiple PPDUs with different modulation and coding methods Block signal simulation.

Touchable graphic guide interaction

The 11.6-inch high-resolution touch screen is used to clearly display the main parameters and instrument status information, and with the signal flow diagram guidance interface, the display is more intuitive and the interaction is more friendly.

Signal Flow Diagram Guidance Interface

Flexible editable user control interface

Support user-defined menus, tailor-made personalized user control interface according to test habits, realize multi-functional operations in one window, and avoid the trouble of too deep menus and repeated searches.

User Defined Menu

Support cross-platform client control

Cross-platform client and browser access control. Support multiple clients to connect at the same time, and the working status of the instrument is refreshed synchronously. Supports web browser access control for mobile devices.

Browser Access

Simultaneous recording of SCPI commands and one-click script generation

Not only can you export recorded SCPI commands with one click, but also automatically generate VS (C++, C#), Qt, Matlab, LabView program control example projects, making program control easier.

Signal Flow Diagram Guidance Interface

Усі ціни вказано з ПДВ, підлягають перегляду під час опрацювання замовлення та можуть коригуватися додатковими митами, тарифами або надбавками.

Інформація дійсна на 26.02.2024 р.

Назва Frequency range Output power Frequency resolution Phase noise @1 GHz IQ mode Ціна, грн
6kHz to 13GHz -120dBm to +20dBm 0.001Hz <-147 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, offset=100 kHz yes 0
6kHz to 20GHz -120dBm to +20dBm (пусто) <-147 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, offset=100 kHz yes 0
6kHz to 33GHz -120dBm to +20dBm 0.001Hz <-147 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, offset=100 kHz yes 0
6kHz to 45GHz -120dBm to +20dBm 0.001Hz <-147 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, offset=100 kHz yes 0
6kHz to 53GHz -90dBm to +20dBm 0.001Hz <-147 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, offset=100 kHz yes 0
6kHz to 67GHz -90dBm to +20dBm 0.001Hz <-147 dBc/Hz @1 GHz, offset=100 kHz yes 0
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