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4082 серія аналізаторів спектру та сигналів

4082H аналізатор спектру та сигналів

Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzer is the new flagship product of Ceyear company. It has excellent RF performance in terms of displaying average noise level, phase noise, intermodulation rejection, dynamic range, amplitude accuracy and test speed. It has powerful spectrum analysis, standard compliant power measurement suite, I/Q analysis, transient analysis, pulse signal analysis, real-time spectrum analysis, analog modulation analysis, vector signal analysis and many other measurement functions. Good expansion capability, can build test system or secondary development through a variety of digital and analog output interfaces. Up to 2GHz analysis bandwidth, with the corresponding analysis options, to meet the demanding needs of signal and equipment testing in mobile communications, self-driving radar, satellite communications, aerospace and defense, etc.

  • Wide band coaxial coverage from 2Hz to 110GHz (external spread spectrum up to 750GHz)
  • Phase noise -134dBc/Hz @10kHz offset at 1GHz carrier
  • Built-in 2GHz analysis bandwidth
  • I/Q data stream interface with 2GHz bandwidth
  • Rich wireless communication signal analysis function
  • Powerful satellite RF test function
  • Comprehensive radar signal analysis function
  • 15.6-inch multi-mode co-display with multi-touch operation

The Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzers offer excellent RF performance in terms of displaying average noise level, phase noise, intermodulation rejection, dynamic range, amplitude accuracy, and test speed.

Ultra-wide frequency coverage

The frequency measurement range covers 2Hz to 110GHz, meeting the test requirements from RF to millimeter wave.

110GHz full-band image suppression

Full-band configuration preselector for effective suppression of image and interference.

Excellent low frequency signal measurement capability

The frequency band below 30MHz adopts RF direct harvesting technology, with better low-frequency signal measurement capability.

Ultra-low DANL performance

Display average noise level is -154 dBm/Hz at 1 GHz, up to -167 dBm/Hz with preamplifiers, and up to -172 dBm/Hz with noise cancellation turned on. 110 GHz display average noise level is up to -140 dBm/Hz.

Excellent phase noise performance

With excellent phase noise performance, it can meet the limit requirements of users in radar and communication signal measurement. At 1GHz carrier, 1kHz frequency offset, phase noise better than -125dBc/Hz; 10kHz frequency offset, phase noise better than -134dBc/Hz.

Up to 2GHz Analysis Bandwidth

Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzers have an analysis bandwidth of 2 GHz and offer seven options from 10 MHz (standard) to 2 GHz (optional) to meet the application needs of different test scenarios.

Multiple analysis bandwidth configuration options

7 types of bandwidth configurations from 10MHz/40MHz/200MHz/400MHz/600MHz/1.2GHz/2GHz are available to meet the needs of different test applications such as broadband radar, 5G NR, WLAN, etc.

Arbitrary sampling rate IQ data stream

The signal/spectrum analyzer can provide 100Hz~1.5GHz arbitrary sample rate IQ data stream, sample rate setting resolution better than 0.1Hz, full bandwidth frequency response real-time compensation, can support a variety of rates of signal measurement and analysis.

1.2GHz real-time analysis bandwidth

Real-time spectrum analysis with 1.2GHz bandwidth is available, and the shortest duration of 100% probability of intercept (POI) signal is better than 0.28μs, which can be used for the capture measurement of various transient burst signals such as pulse signal, burr signal, intermitten t signal, etc.

1.2GHz Real-time Spectrum Analysis Measurement

Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzer has a wealth of spectrum parameters test function, can provide more comprehensive and detailed analysis results.

Support frequency sweep and FFT sweep

Sweep points between 101 ~ 120001 arbitrary selection, the longest scan time of 16000s, zero frequency width of the shortest scan time of 1us.

Rich trace and detector type

Support 6 traces configurations, 6 detector methods, 3 averaging types, with rich marker measurement functions such as noise marker, bandwidth power, power spectral density, etc., and support trajectory statistics, automatic saving and recall of traces, etc.

Support waterfall chart display of historical traces

The signal/spectrum analyzer can save 10000 frames of waterfall traces, clearly show the signal spectrum change pattern.

One-click power measurement kit

With test functions such as Occupied bandwidth, Adjacent channel power, power statistics, Burst power, Harmonic distortion, Third-order intermodulation, Spurious emission, spectrum emission mask, etc.

Adjacent Channel Power Measurement

The Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzer provides fast, intuitive testing of signal characteristics for a wide range of wireless communication standards, including 5G NR, LTE, NB-IoT, WCDMA, GSM, and more.

5G NR Signal Analysis

The 5G NR measurement function can perform in-band demodulation analysis of 5G NR uplink and downlink signals of 3GPP Rel 15 and Rel 16 versions, supports FDD and TDD duplex modes, supports QPSK to 256QAM modulation formats, supports Test Model and custom Parameter setting, support to provide measurement results such as error vector magnitude (EVM), frequency error and power of different channels and signals, with constellation diagram, error summary table, resource allocation and other display maps.

LTE, NB-IoT, WCDMA, GSM signal analysis

With Ceyear's dedicated protocol analysis software, it can perform in-band modulation analysis on LTE, LTE-Advanced, NB-IoT, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE communication signals, and provide various measurement results such as EVM, constellation diagram, and frequency error.

Analysis of Out-of-Band Characteristics of Wireless Communication Signals

In terms of out-of-band measurement, it can provide a wide range of standard and limit line one-key setting capabilities, and efficiently perform adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR), spectrum emission mask (SEM) and other measurements.

5G NR Signal Analysis Measurement

Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzers have built-in radar signal measurement software, which can perform multi-level measurement and analysis of pulse modulated signals, and display them in various display methods such as spectrum, time map, parameter table, etc., to assist in the performance measurement of radar systems and problems.

Abundant pulse parameter measurements

Support pulse signal spectrum, time domain characteristic test, can simultaneously measure pulse width, pulse period, pulse rise and fall time, power drop in pulse, peak power, minimum power, top value, bottom value, pulse amplitude, preshoot, overshoot , frequency error peak value, frequency error RMS, frequency offset and other pulse parameters are analyzed and displayed.

Intra-pulse characteristics analysis

Detailed analysis of amplitude, intra-pulse frequency/phase characteristics, and spectral characteristics can be performed on any selected pulse.

Inter-pulse characteristics analysis

With pulse parameter trend analysis and statistical analysis functions, it can analyze the variation trend and distribution characteristics of inter-pulse characteristic parameters.

Pulse Signal Analysis Measurement

Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzers have high-performance satellite RF test functions, which can be used for the R&D and production process testing of satellite payloads, systems, and components.

Multi-Carrier Group Delay Measurement

It can quickly measure the absolute group delay and relative group delay of components such as satellite frequency converters and transponders. Measures the frequency response of the device under test and displays amplitude, phase, and group delay versus frequency.

Noise Power Ratio Measurement

It is convenient and intuitive to measure the noise-to-power ratio of wideband systems to help measure the degree to which idle channels are affected when multiple channels are occupied.

Multi-Carrier Group Delay Measurement

The hardware configuration of Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzer has been improved in an all-round way. It adopts high-performance processor and large touch screen, which makes the operation of the instrument more convenient.

High-performance processor, large memory

Using i7 processor and 16G memory, it runs more smoothly and ensures the efficient operation of long-term testing.

15.6-inch large touch screen

Various measurement results can be seen at a glance, multi-touch is supported, and the operation is simple and efficient. Support interface area layout dynamic adjustment and custom menu. Parallel operation and display of multiple measurement modes, convenient and flexible mode switching.

Ceyear 4082 series signal/spectrum analyzers provide abundant input and output interfaces, including RF input, trigger input and output, IF output, etc. Facing potential applications in the future, 10 Gigabit network interfaces and optical fiber interfaces with 2GHz bandwidth are proactively configured to meet various digital transformation challenges.

AC/DC coupling modes

The models that support AC/DC two coupling methods can reach 67GHz, which can provide flexible selection of RF input ports in higher frequency bands.

10 Gigabit network interface

Configure a 10 Gigabit network interface to provide higher bandwidth, faster speed, and more stable data transmission.

High-speed fiber interface

Equipped with 2GHz ultra-wideband digital interface, it can realize real-time broadband data acquisition and output with 2GHz bandwidth.

4TB built-in electronic hard drive

Built-in 4TB electronic hard disk (optional) provides convenience for mass data storage during measurement.




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Інформація дійсна на 26.02.2024 р.

Назва Frequency range RBW DANL Real-time bandwidth Ціна, грн
2Hz to 8.4GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -163 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 18GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -164 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 26.5GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -164 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 45GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -164 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 50GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -164 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 67GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -164 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 90GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -162 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
2Hz to 110GHz 0.1Hz to 20MHz -162 dBm/Hz 2 GHz 0
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