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3674 серія векторних аналізаторів ланцюгів

3674 серія векторних аналізаторів ланцюгів

Ceyear 3674 Series vector network analyzer is the peak of technological innovation, which can easily deal with the severe challenges brought by semiconductor chip testing, material testing, antenna testing, high-speed cable testing, microwave component testing and so on. Excellent RF characteristics, flexible hardware configuration and rich software functions complement each other, only one connection can be completed in a variety of measurement tasks. Innovative human-computer interaction design can help you complete the required measurement Settings quickly and conveniently, and the large touch screen brings you a flexible and efficient operation experience.

  • 500Hz~110GHz broad band coaxial coverage
  • 30 MHz IF bandwidth, measurement points 200001
  • Ultra-fast scanning speed, 140dB large dynamic range
  • It has 21 functions, such as pulse S-parameter measurement, frequency conversion device measurement, gain compression measurement, noise coefficient measurement, frequency spectrum measurement, signal integrity measurement, total harmonic distortion measurement, active intermodulation distortion measurement, and automatic fixture removal
  • SCPI instruction synchronization record, script generated with one key
  • 15.6-inch multi-parameter display with multi-touch operation

Excellent performance

  • Faster measurement speed, improve the production efficiency
  • Higher measurement accuracy, to meet the measurement requirements of higher specification products
  • Up to 30 MHz IF bandwidth, can achieve fast test and narrow pulse test
  • The maximum number of 200001 measurement points can bring more refined measurement results
  • Using ultra-wide band base wave mixing technology and source output power improvement technology, we greatly improve the dynamic range, and the optimal dynamic range can reach 140dB, providing more accurate and reliable measurement results for the test of large dynamic devices such as filters

Rich Features

With pulse S parameter measurement, frequency conversion device measurement, gain compression measurement, noise coefficient measurement, spectrum measurement, signal integrity measurement, total harmonic distortion measurement, active intermodulation distortion measurement, automatic fixture removal of 21 kinds of function, combined with the specific application form system level test solution, accurate joint user needs of different industries.

Built-in pulse modulation, the test is fast and simple
Built-in 4-way pulse generator for internal source modulation, IF gate control, and output from the rear panel. The pulse width and time delay of each pulse generator can be set independently. Source modulation sources include multiple states such as rear panel input, internal pulse generator, normally open and normally closed. The source of the vector network analyzer can be modulated by external pulses or modulated by an external modulator and measured by triggering the synchronization mode. The pulse S parameter measurement function provides strong support for the test of radar T / R components and antenna signal and transceiver module.

Excellent pulse test capability

  • Pulse period of up to 70s
  • The pulse resolution was as low as 8.3ns
  • Broadband synchronous pulse test pulse width <42ns
  • Internal pulse synchronization or external pulse synchronization mode
  • 7 source modulation modes, such as external and internal pulses
  • 4 pulse generators with pulse width and independent delay
  • Automatic broadband synchronous measurement and narrow-band asynchronous measurement function
  • Adaptive narrow-band filter to improve the narrow-pulse test capability
  • 3 triggering input and output modules to provide flexible system coordination function
  • Functions of sweeping pulse S parameter test, pulse envelope test and pulse point test

Comprehensive Mixer/Converter Characteristic measurement

Provide comprehensive measurement setting of mixer / Converter characteristics, support double-order primary vibration and external primary vibration source input; support multiple scanning types such as linear sweep, power sweep and segment sweep; simple setting can automatically complete the complex mixer RF, double LO, IF frequency doubling and frequency distribution; support the setting of source port power, local vibration port power, attenuation and power sweep characteristics.

Simple and efficient frequency conversion loss amplitude response characteristic test and analysis

Provide the most direct and accurate mixer / Converter frequency conversion loss amplitude response measurement function. Enhance power calibration by power meter to complete the RF and IF full band calibration.

Independent dual-power calibration method realizes the test and analysis of non-inserted frequency conversion device

Support dual independent source power and receiver calibration, provides the solution of non-insertion connection mode through port separation mode, instead of connector de-embedding, power meter de-embedding and other ways, to provide a more accurate calibration mode for non-insertion measured parts.

A single instrument simultaneously completes the amplitude response and the absolute phase timely delay response test analysis
Provide complete mixer / frequency converter amplitude response, absolute phase and absolute delay response measurement ability, a single connection can complete the mixer / frequency converter complex characteristic measurement, high amplitude and phase measurement accuracy.

Characterization of the mixer / Converter characteristics
The vector measurement analysis of mixer / Converter can complete the characterization of the mixer, which is used to determine the characteristics of the mixer and obtain the characteristics of the Converter. The feature characterization function serves as an independent function, and the generated mixer characterization data files can be automatically called in the vector measurement analysis.

Single connection, quickly complete the amplifier gain compression parameter test

The gain compression measurement function completes the measurement of the linear gain, compression point gain, input power, output power, and linear input matching in the active device through one connection and one calibration.

Power calibration, guide calibration to obtain high precision measurement

Power calibration and receiver calibration can obtain accurate compression point input power and output power values. The exact gain measurement and input / output matching values can be obtained.

Various scanning methods and compression methods should deal with different measurement scenarios

Intelligent scanning can quickly and accurately get compression points, provide the power scanning of each frequency point and the frequency scanning mode of each power point, obtain complete measurement data, provide from linear gain compression, from the maximum gain compression, from the fallback point compression, X / Y compression, saturated state compression, users can choose different compression methods according to the type of test and different measurement scenarios.

3D view drawing, visually show the characteristics of the tested parts

Provide 3D view function to better show the performance of the tested device under the excitation state; it can also show the frequency profile and power profile to visually show the characteristics of the measured device at each frequency point and each power point.


Fast, accurate, and large dynamic range

Primary connection can simultaneously test S parameters, noise coefficient, noise parameters, gain compression and frequency conversion gain. Based on the cold source noise coefficient test method, the accurate noise coefficient and noise parameter test can be conducted. By constructing the advanced noise correlation matrix model and combining with the precise S parameter calibration of the vector network analyzer, it is suitable for the accurate test of the measured parts with the lower noise coefficient. The measurement dynamic range can reach 55dB, which is suitable for testing of subjects with large gain.

Analysis of the noise coefficient test of non-standard interface devices such as microwave chip

Based on the patented noise embedding / deembedding technology, the noise coefficient test of non-standard interface devices is realized. In particular, it can solve the problem of microwave chip noise coefficient in the chip test, and eliminate the impact of the mismatch between the tested parts and the test equipment.

Test and analysis of the noise parameters

The noise coefficient and the noise parameters can be tested simultaneously, including the amplitude and phase o f the minimum noise coefficient, the noise internal resistance and the optimal reflection coefficient. The influence of noise parameters can be eliminated by the modification of noise power receiver.

Rapid search of multiport stray spectra and harmonics

Each port of the vector network analyzer can complete the measurement of the input and output spectrum of the measured spectrum, and the spectrum measurement technology based on fast Fourier transform can quickly locate the state of the stray spectrum and harmonic of the measured spectrum at a small resolution bandwidth.

A single connection of a single instrument completes the multi-parameter evaluation of the measured device

For the test of active devices, the spectrum measurement function can provide more measurement parameters, a single instrument can realize the conventional S parameter test, stray and harmonic positioning measurement; complete ratio and absolute measurement error correction technology can provide more accurate measurement results.

Efficient labeling and measurement function

The marking of spectrum measurement function can provide in-band power, power spectral density, occupied bandwidth, adjacent power ratio and other indicators, and one-click setting and real-time update.

Ultra-broadband coverage enables time-domain analysis with micron-scale resolution

Powerful signal integrity measurement and analysis ability, can provide micron level spatial resolution, for small size chip packaging test, to solve the problem of positioning discontinuity.

Test analysis of the signal integrity in a single view

A single view completes both time domain and frequency domain test analysis, helping the user to find the source of impedance discontinuity, reflection and crosstalk. It can accurately measure the impedance characteristics of transmission lines; convenient proximal and remote crosstalk tests to test the degree of interaction between multiple transmission lines.

Simulated eye diagram for rapid analysis of signal integrity

It has the function of virtual eye map generation and analysis based on network parameters. Depending on the different high-speed digital communication standards, high-efficiency Pass / Fail tests can be performed using pre-defined eye-map templates. Jitter, noise and other interference can be applied to the simulated eye map, and the simulated eye map of different positions in the high-speed link can be simulated through the addition of correction algorithms such as pre-aggravation and equilibrium.


Test analysis of multiple harmonics of a wide-band coverage differential amplifier

Broadband test can be used for the measurement and analysis of input and output power, gain, harmonic total distortion and other parameters under true differential excitation, and simplify the harmonic performance test complexity of differential active devices with as amplifier.

Single calibration simultaneously completes the multi-channel error correction

A single calibration can simultaneously complete the multi-channel error correction of the standard S parameter and the total harmonic distortion, that is, the ratio measurement error, the absolute receiver measurement error, and the error correction of the port excitation power. The transmission and mismatch errors introduced by different mechanical attenuation files between the channels can also be compensated by a single calibration.

Convenient and efficient setting mode of measurement parameters

The editing of setting the measurement parameters can be completed by XML file. The parameters can be imported with one key, and the imported measurement parameters can be updated to the parameter selection interface in real time.

Solve the test problem of non-standard joint devices

For non-standard connector devices testing, such as packaging microwave devices, in-chip devices, such devices cannot be directly connected to the vector network analyzer. The fixture is usually used to connect the measured piece to a vector network analyzer, but the fixture also introduces measurement error. The automatic fixture removal function can extract, store the fixture parameters and embed the fixture, and finally obtain the real parameters of the measured parts.

Simple operation and high error correction accuracy

Automatic fixture removal function has the advantages of easy operation and high precision. This feature does not require custom calibration, eliminates proximal and distal crosstalk of the differential fixture, and is suitable for test scenarios with open circuit at one end of the fixture.

Using the automatic fixture removal function, the measured parts as a whole, balance parameter extraction and four-port embedding. It can effectively remove the transmission parameters, proximal crosstalk, and remote crosstalk.

The interface is simple and intuitive, easy to operate, and improve the test efficiency


Rich in peripheral interfaces, flexible and practical

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Назва Frequency range Test port output power Port count Ціна, грн
10 MHz - 9 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 14 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 20 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10MHz -26.5GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 32 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 44 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 50 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 53 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 67 GHz +17dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 90 GHz +11dBm 2/4 0
10 MHz - 110 GHz +11dBm 2/4 0
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