• Onboard Intel® Atom™ and Celeron® Processor SoC
  • DDR3L 1066/1333MHz SODIMM x 1, Up to 8 GB
  • Gigabit Ethernet x 2, RJ-45 x 2
  • CRT, 18/24-bit Dual-Channel LVDS LCD, HDMI
  • 2CH HD Audio
  • SATA 3.0Gb/s x 1, CFast™ x 1
  • USB3.0 x 1, USB2.0 x 3, COM x 4, 8-bit Digital I/O
  • Mini Card x 2 (Full-size x 1, Half-size x 1)
  • +12V Only Operation
  • Onboard 4/5/8-wire Resistive Touch Screen Controller (Optional)
  • AAEON Hi-Safe/SDK/Utility Supported
  • mSATA x 1 (Optional, Would Replace Mini Card Interface)
  • Onboard Trusted Platform Module (Optional)
Form Factor 3.5'' SubCompact Board
CPU Intel® N2930/N2807/J1900/E3845/E3825
CPU Frequency Up to 2.0GHz
Chipset Intel® N2930/N2807/J1900/E3845/E3825
Memory Type DDR3L 1066/1333, SODIMM x 1
Max. Memory Capacity Up to 8G
Wake on LAN Yes
Watchdog Timer 255 Level
Power Requirement +12V
Power Supply Type AT/ATX
Power Consumption (Typical) Intel® N2930, DDR3L 1600MHz 8G, 0.65A@+12V
Dimension (L x W) 5.75" x 4" (146mm x 101.6mm)
Operating Temperature 32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C),
-40°F ~ 185°F (-40°C ~ 85°C) WiTAS 2 (E3825, E3845)
Storage Temperature -40°F ~ 176°F (-40°C ~ 80°C)
Operating Humidity 0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
MTBF (hours) 111000
Certification CE/FCC
VGA/LCD Controller Intel® N2930/N2807/J1900/E3845/E3825
Backlight inverter supply Up to 24-bit dual-channel LVDS x 1
Ethernet Intel® I211 (or 210), 10/100/1000Base-TX, RJ-45 x 2
Audio High definition audio interface
USB Port USB2.0 x 3 , USB 3.0 x 1
Serial Port RS-232 x 2 , RS-232/422/485 x 2
Parallel Port SPP/EPP/ECP x 1
HDD Interface SATA 2.0 x 1
FDD Interface
SSD CFast™ (alternative with mSATA by BOM and also occupy one Mini-Card location)
Expansion Slot Mini-Card x 2(Full-size x 1, Half-size x 1)
DIO 8 bit
TPM x 1
Touch x 1
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GENE-BT05-A10-00013.5Board.N2930.VGA/HDMI/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.Touch.CFast.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00023.5 Board.N2930.VGA/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.mSATA.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00033.5Board.N2807.VGA/HDMI/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.Touch.CFast.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00043.5 Board.N2807.VGA/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.mSATA.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00053.5Board.E3845.VGA/HDMI/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.Touch.CFast.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00063.5Board.E3845.VGA/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.mSATA.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00073.5Board.E3825.VGA/HDMI/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.Touch.CFast.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00083.5Board.E3825.VGA/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.mSATA.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00093.5Board.J1900.VGA/HDMI/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.Touch.CFast.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00
GENE-BT05-A10-00103.5Board.J1900.VGA/LVDS.2GbE.4COM.4USB.mSATA.Mini-Card.12V DC.Fanless.Rev.A1.00