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Parking equipment and systems

SEA offers certified equipment and automated systems for creating chargeable parking lots with levels of complexity.

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Electronic components

SEA makes wholesale deliveries of electronics components to the Ukrainian market from major global distributors as well as directly both from major global distributors and directly from producers.

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Power supplies

SEA offers a wide range of modular power supplies for different systems of industrial and domestic electronics.

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SEA company offers certified equipment and intelligent management systems of own production for automation and control of traffic, urban lightning, various housing and communal services.
Parking equipment may be appropriate for paid or free parking, in warehouses and repair rooms, in aboveground or underground garage complexes and in many other places where many vehicles stop at a daily rate.
For housing and communal services, monitoring of different areas of their business is extremely important. It is necessary for the timely detection of errors and failures, operational control and optimization of the economy in terms of benefits both for the prosperity of their company and for the peaceful life of people served by those utilities.
LED crosswalk signs indicate pedestrian paths across roads and therefore improve traffic safety.
MEAN WELL was issued an award from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology near the end of the last year.
SEA Company manufactures various equipment for arrangement of paid parking, including parking meters, exit and entry terminals, information boards, traffic lights and more.