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Company SEA and Apacer Technology Inc. are pleased to announce the tenth anniversary of their strategic partnership.
SEA Company is an authorized partner for the supply and promotion of LEDiL secondary optics in Ukraine.
Located in the Lviv region, the checkpoint is a key junction on the route between Ukraine and Poland, serving both passenger and freight transportation, facilitating international traffic.
Celebrating two decades of partnership, SEA Company and Traco Power have remained steadfast in their commitment to providing innovative and reliable power solutions.
More than 40 traffic light objects of the city, which are equipped with RTC traffic controllers, were connected to the traffic management system.
The use of countdown boards creates comfortable conditions for drivers and pedestrians and significantly increases road safety.

SEA Company has been a leading supplier of certified, innovative equipment, accessories and electronic components for 30 years. We are a strong developer and manufacturer of modern automated systems for various manufacturing companies, government agencies & other organizations.

SEA Company became an official distributor of electronic components for more than 70 global manufacturers. A great benefit of SEA Company is the provision of electronics contract manufacturing services for the Ukrainian and foreign markets. Also, the company provides services in designing custom-built electronics, modernization and maintenance of parking equipment and systems.

SEA enterprise produces only high-quality products complying with international requirements, norms and standards. Our experts conduct 100% visual inspection of all products. The management system is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

Qualified SEA specialists will help to choose the optimal solution up to required characteristics at a competitive price for achieving any tasks thanks to the profound experience, implementation of a flexible modular assembly system, and stock availability.