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Power supplies

SEA Сompany is a reliable long-term importer of power supplies for Ukrainian and foreign partners. We are an official distributor for such brands as: Traco Electronic AG, MEAN WELL Enterprises Co. Ltd., and supplier of TDK Corporation, Peak Electronics GmbH, COSEL Co., MT-Power and others. Our qualified specialists will provide competent consultation on a wide range of voltage converters in order to find the best option for the client's request.

SEA Сompany offers power supplies for consumer electronics or industrial applications, as well as specialized power supplies for medicine, lighting, etc. 

  • AC / DC converters are designed to convert input AC mains voltage (single or three phases) to DC output voltage. These converters are built according to a pulse conversion circuit with output voltage stabilization.
  • DC / DC converters are designed to convert the input DC voltage into DC voltage at the output (of a different or the same rating) and/or to implement galvanic isolation of the input and output circuits.
  • DC / AC inverters are designed to convert an input DC voltage to an AC output voltage.
  • Power supply accessories are devices and tools designed to provide certain modes of operating, installing, improving the required characteristics and/or expanding the functionality of power supplies.
  • PoL (point-of-load) controllers are located near the load and have a small-scale form factor. High-performance non-isolated DC / DC regulators usually act as the last stage in the supply voltage conversion circuit.
Power supplies (PS) are an integral part of any electronic device.
The power supply unit (PSU) is an electrical device that performs the function of converting the primary voltage (electrical network, battery) into the value required for the operation of various types of equipment:
  • LED systems (LED power supply; LED power adapter and so on);
  • Computers;
  • Heating boilers, welding machines; TVs etc.
The most common version of power supplies involves converting 220 volts AC voltage (U) into a reduced DC voltage.
In addition, power supplies can provide galvanic isolation between input and output circuits. In this case, the transformation ratio (the ratio of input and output voltages) can be equal to unity.
Choosing the power supply, you should take into account a number of characteristics including:
  • power;
  • output voltage and current;
  • as well as the availability of additional options and capabilities.
A parameter that is measured in W or V * A. Choosing a device, it is worth considering the presence of inrush currents in most electrical receivers (pumps, irrigation systems, refrigerators, and others). At the moment of start-up, the power consumption
increases by 5-7 times.
The remainder should be selected in reviewing the total power of the supplied devices with a recommended extra of 20-30%.
Input voltage
In Eastern Europe, this parameter is 220 volts. The power supply in Japan or the United States must correspond to a 110 Volt input voltage. In addition, thе value can be 12/24 Volts for inverter power supplies.
Output voltage
When choosing a device, you should be guided by the rated voltage of the device used (indicated on its case). For instance, it can be 12 Volts, 15.6 Volts and so on. Choosing a power supply, you should buy the one, which is as close as possible to the required parameters (for a 12.1 V device, a 12 V unit is suitable).
Output voltage type
Most of the devices are powered by a stabilized constant voltage, but there are exceptions. The design is selected with this criterion in mind. Power supplies with stabilized output voltage are suitable if an unregulated constant voltage at the input is enough for the consumer.
Output current
This parameter is not always indicated, but with knowledge of the power, it can be calculated.
The operating current of the power supply should exceed the maximum current consumption of the device by 10-20% nicely.
Efficiency coefficient 
A large power supply unit is not a guarantee of good performance. An equally important parameter is СPA, which reflects the efficiency of energy conversion and its transmission to the device. The higher the efficiency coefficient, the more efficiently the unit is used, and the less energy is spent on heating.  
Efficiency coefficient has long ceased to be the only key parameter when choosing a power source. New environmental requirements are increasingly forcing manufacturers to consider other factors to reduce power loss, including digital or analog remote control, low standby power consumption, and high efficiency at light load. Improving the size of devices without losing high efficiency in the Traco DC/DC converter is an excellent optimization of the two necessary indicators. Certain market segments require increased safety and a high insulation rating.
The power supplies use 3 options for cooling systems: passive, semi-passive and active. 

1. Passively cooled PSUs have no fans, only radiators. This option is only possible for models with low power. 

2. The fan doesn`t rotate at low loads and turns on, when the load or temperature exceeds in the semi-passive version. 

3. The fan always runs if the cooling system is active.

A good example is water cooling for high-power MEAN WELL power supply.
Our power supplies can help to ensure a reliable power supply to needed equipment. Choose from our extensive portfolio the optimal power supply for your application.
Treat the choice of the power supply responsibly, as reliable, long-term operation of your devices depends on it.
SEA Сompany is a reliable long-term importer of power supplies for Ukrainian and foreign partners. Our qualified specialists will provide competent consultation on a wide range of voltage converters in order to find the best option for the client's request. In order, to get the consultation about power supplies and to make a purchase, please contact SEA office via phone: +38 (044) 330-00-88 or e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.
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