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Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

By visiting, registering, or providing information for order processing on the website www.sea.com.ua, you grant your consent to SEA Company to use the information provided by you. This usage serves the purpose of identifying you as a user of the website www.sea.com.ua. In specific cases, this also includes identifying you as a business entity within the scope of the definitions set forth by the Commercial Code of Ukraine. This identification is necessary for the purpose of order processing and potential transactions facilitated through the website www.sea.com.ua. Such transactions encompass commercial, accounting, and tax-related legal relationships associated with the aforementioned orders. Moreover, this consent encompasses the dispatch of informational communications by SEA Company to your address.

The Privacy Policy describes the process of collecting, storing, using, and sharing your information when visiting, as well as when providing the necessary information for order processing or using the services of the website www.sea.com.ua by SEA Company.

2. Information Gathering

SEA Company is authorized to collect various types of data:

1. Contact information for  for the further feedback (name, address, e-mail, contact phone, etc.);

2. Personal data (company name, position, full name, address, current e-mail address, telephone, etc., as well as questionnaire data);

3. Site visit data (IP address, browser of the visitor).

a) Contact information for feedback

Contact information is provided by the visitor and/or business entity when filling out application forms or requests for you to receive additional information about goods, terms of delivery, calculations, etc., as well as about activities carried out by the SEA Company, provision of effective customer and technical support in case of occurrence problems related to the use of the website www.sea.com.ua.

b) Personal data

The personal data provided by the visitor and/or business entities comprises general information about the company's name on whose behalf potential orders for product delivery might be processed. It also includes personal data about individuals, employees who are interested in order processing and potential deliveries via the website www.sea.com.ua, or guests of the company who are similarly interested in receiving newsletters, event invitations organized by SEA Company.

c) Site visit data

Information about site visits includes data obtained when you visit the sites of SEA Company. Most non-personal information is collected using cookies or other analytics technologies. The web pages use cookies and other technologies that allow data analysis and customization according to user preferences. Such information is collected for statistics on the use of SEA Company's website, its performance and effectiveness. Cookie files are simple text files of small size and therefore cannot be dangerous for your computer, as they cannot contain a virus or other dangerous program, nor take up a lot of disk space.

Our website does not automatically collect users' email addresses. We only retain your email address if you have explicitly provided it yourself.

3. Transfer of information for ordering goods. Newsletters and the right to refuse them.

SEA Company uses your e-mail address to transmit information prepared by SEA Company related to placing an order for the supply of goods (invoices, expense invoices, contracts, etc.), as well as informing you about exhibitions, conferences and other events that are of interest to you as well as for newsletters. By sending information to your e-mail address, SEA Company reserves the right to inform you also about other exhibitions, conferences and other events that, according to our assumption, could be of interest to you, based on the analysis of the data you have provided about yourself. At the same time, the SEA Company uses your address only to send information about events, news for which it acts as an organizer, co-organizer or information partner, and will not send you information about other events, as well as about other goods and services. The SEA company does not under any circumstances provide your e-mail address to third parties.

If you do not wish to receive newsletters and other information sent by SEA Company, you can opt out by deleting your registration data on a password-protected personal page (Personal Account).

4. Use and transfer of personal data

a) Your personal data, provided by you for feedback, is used only to respond to your requests and send you only those materials that you requested. Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances. Your personal data will not be placed on pages with open access.

b) Your contact data for feedback (name, address, telephone, e-mail address) will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances. Contact and personal data will not be placed on pages with open access. This data is available only on the user's password-protected pages and can be changed or deleted by the user at any time. Deletion of personal data by the user means refusal to use the services of SEA Company.

5. Amendments or Revisions to the Privacy Policy

SEA Company reserves the full right to make changes to the Privacy Policy without requiring User consent. Any proposals or inquiries related to the Privacy Policy should be communicated through the "Contacts" section.

6. Duration of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy comes into effect upon your usage of the website www.sea.com.ua and your agreement with its terms by transmitting personal data. It remains in effect as long as any information about you, including personal data, is retained on the website www.sea.com.ua