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Indicators and displays

LED products and optoelectronics are one of the core competencies of SEA Company. A wide range of products from leading suppliers of lighting solutions allow us to occupy a leading position in the Ukrainian and CIS markets.

SEA Company's linecard includes several categories of high-quality and modern products, which are listed below.

LED indicators, LCDs, PLED, OLED displays

LED indicators and displays

We offer seven-segment and sign-synthesizing segment LED indicators, dot-matrix LED displays, LED clusters, segments and scale strips. Suppliers of these components include Kingbright Electronic, Lucky Light Electronics, Wuxi Ark Technology Electronic and other companies. LED indicators are used in light emitting sources. They are especially popular in manufacture of household appliances and computing equipment.

Liquid crystal indicators (LCD)

Durable and miniature LCDs find usage in a wide variety of industries and science fields. Low power consumption and low operating voltage make them almost indispensable. Reliable and innovative liquid crystal indicators from such manufacturers as Winstar, Bolymin INC, Beneq Products Oy etc. are currently presented in the SEA Company’s catalog. We offer different types of LCD indicators:

  • symbolic LCDs,
  • graphic LCDs, including graphic COG (Chip on Glass), TAB / TCP and TFT indicators,
  • BENEQ displays.

PLED, OLED displays

SEA Company, in cooperation with Winstar, offers our customers high-quality PLED, OLED displays, which are used in various fields: household appliances, automotive industry, medical equipment, measuring devices etc. High efficiency and brightness, as well as a wide viewing angle are just a few of the advantages that these displays have.

LED indicators, LCDs, PLED, OLED displays

Accessories for indicators and other related products

In addition to basic lighting products you will always need accessories for them. SEA Company makes deliveries of various modules and connectors, backlights and drivers for LCDs, touch-panels and so on. All these additional products are also sourced from leading manufacturers of lighting solutions.

To get more information about the LED lighting products and to purchase LED indicators or displays, please call: +38 (044) 330-00-88 or send inquiries to SEA Company by e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.

We perform direct deliveries from our reliable partners: