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Optoelectronics and LED products

LED products and optoelectronics are one of the core competencies of SEA Company. Focusing on new trends and increasing demand, the company supplies a wide range of lighting products for the construction of LED lighting systems, information systems, digital signage and advertising, and other applications where LED technology is used. Additionally, SEA Company supplies LED screens, liquid crystal and LED indicators, power supplies, optics and controllers for LED lighting.

SEA Company supplies various LED lighting productsLED indicators

Displays and indicators of various types, such as LED, LCD (liquid crystal), OLED (organic light-emitting diode), PLED (polymer light-emitting diode) and others, are widely used in instrumentation, creating user interfaces for both industrial and consumer equipment.

SEA Company supplies modern LEDs for lighting devices manufacturers of various applications: from low-power and medium-power to high-power LEDs on a ceramic substrate and light-emitting diode matrix. The product line covers a full spectrum of power consumption, light and color characteristics, particularly on indicators of luminous flux, luminous power, luminous flux density etc. We are also a manufacturer of LED modules and printed circuit boards.

Powerful SMD LEDsRadial LEDsSeoul LED modulesCOB LEDs

Following the concept of one-stop supply "from one source" SEA company complements the LED range with an impressive set of accessories: holders and mounting devices for LEDs, thermal boards, LED optics (lenses, reflectors, light guides), radiators and other necessary related products. An important component of company's work in this direction is the supply of power supplies and drivers for LED lighting.

LED holders and other mounting accessoriesRadiators for light-emitting diodesLED lenses of Darkoo, Khatod, Ledil, Ledlink production

LED products and optoelectronic components are available to consumers all over the world due to an extensive network of representative offices in different European countries and delivery companies, which have been tested over the years.

To get more information about the LED lighting products and to purchase optoelectronics please call: +38 (044) 330-00-88 or contact SEA Company by e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.

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