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Wireless products


Wireless technology is used to transfer information over a distance between two or more points without requiring them to be connected by wires. Radio waves, as well as infrared, optical or laser radiation can be applied to transmit information.

The term wireless is used to refer to    any type of electrical or electronic operation performed without a wired connection. Certainly, wireless components interact with a network that includes a cable for transmission. This network with mixed components is a hybrid type. Wireless communication is the transmission of information over a distance without the use of electrical conductors or "wires". The distance varies from several meters (like a television remote control) to thousands or even millions of kilometers for telecommunications.

The idea of a wireless environment is appealing due to the functions of its components:

  • provide temporary connection to the cable network;
  • help to organize backup for the cable network;
  • guarantee a certain level of mobility;
  • allow you to remove restrictions on the maximum length of the network, superimposed on copper or even fiber optic cables.

In recent years, the increased interest in radio components is explained both by the large-scale introduction of GSM / GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth and DECT wireless technologies in almost all areas of the electronics industry, and by the emergence of new standards and technologies for wireless transmission (ZigBee, WiMAX, etc.). Each technology has certain characteristics that are determined by its field of application.

GPS modules and accessories

Highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS antennas, miniature and built-in modules, interface cables and other accessories for GPS applied in all kinds of technological areas (synchronization of devices on oil pipelines, transport logic devices for monitoring vehicles, railway transport and ships, miniature personal trackers).


Wireless GSM modems

High-quality GSM modems are designed for high-speed reception and transmission of data over the GSM channel (3G). A wide range of wireless GSM / GPRS modules and modems for connecting peripheral devices, which transmit data at a speed of up to 236.8 Kbps (EDGE class 10) and provide wireless data transmission in GPRS and EDGE modes.


Wireless modules and accessories for 2.4 GHz frequency

Modules with an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz make it possible to build inexpensive and flexible local solutions for providing connection and taking readings from various devices. The application together with GSM technology makes the system more global and maximally integrated into AMR. Among the accessories we offer stationary, chip antennas, receivers with amplification up to 8.1d Bi, as well as various adapters for them.



Quectel GNSS Modules

New devices with a "Dead reckoning" system for accurate trajectory calculation are equipped with a 6-axis MEMs sensor and powerful GNSS core. They provide high sensitivity, fast GNSS signal acquisition and tracking, outstanding performance and easy integration. Thanks to the multi-GNSS system, GPS and GLONASS could work at the same time together with an integrated low-noise amplifier, which significantly improves the performance of receivers, increases the number of visible satellites, reduces the time to first fix (TTFF), and significantly increases positioning accuracy in difficult conditions such as urban areas or weak signal strength.


Quectel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules

Quectel Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Modules are innovative built-in WIFI solutions, providing high-performance connectivity at a low cost. Its low profile and small footprint make it easy to integrate into small applications and provide reliable connectivity.


Quectel Cellular Modules

The module supports Cat M1, Cat NB2, EGPRS standards, voice transmission and USB interface, but the main distinguishing feature of these devices is the support of the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz band. The well-known Qualcomm chipset is installed under the module cover. It also has optional built-in GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo / QZSS navigation.


Quectel Module Evaluation & Development Boards

Quectel debug kit for developing applications on GSM, UMTS and NB-IoT modules from Quectel. The set is compatible with Quectel GSM modules. Using this kit, you can test their basic functions. A number of interfaces and test pins are for debugging purposes only and are not used by clients. In addition, a number of functions are only supported by certain software versions.


Quectel cellular and GNSS antennas

An antenna is one of the most important elements of wireless infrastructure, and not only the quality of the system, which is determined by the basic parameters of a wireless device, but also its reliability depends on the correct choice and operation of it. Despite the apparent simplicity, designing an antenna requires no less effort, labor and engineering thought than the creation of even the most complex electronic device.



Accessories for GSM modems

Corresponding parts and connectors for modems and modules, GSM antennas of various receiving properties, antennas for modems (magnetic or adhesive base, with a gain of up to 9dBi), highly sensitive GPS antennas (cable length from 2 to 10 m), HF adapters of all types of connectors (SMA, MMCX, UFL, MCX, FME, pigtails), interface cables; SIM-holders of all kinds and types.


Debug tools for wireless modules

Debugging tools allow you to fully test the functions of wireless modules, namely, all interfaces of the future device (USB, UART, CPI, I2C), the quality and communication speed (if you establish a wireless connection between two debugging devices). Debugging tools have outputs for connecting external systems (an additional device can be created to integrate into existing systems).


There are various approaches for classifying wireless technologies.
By the range of action:
  • Wireless personal area networks (WPAN). Bluetooth is a prime example in this case;
  • Wireless local area networks (WLAN), where Wi-Fi equipment is used;;
  • Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMAN) may employ WiMAX;
  • Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN). Examples of technologies with this range include CSD, GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO, HSPA.
By topology:
  • "Point-to-point";
  • "Point-to-multipoint".
By field of application:
  • Corporate wireless networks - created by companies for their own needs;
  • Operator wireless networks - created by telecom operators for the provision of paid services.
A concise but capacious way of classification can be the simultaneous display of the two most significant characteristics of wireless technologies on two axes: the maximum information transfer rate and the maximum distance.
The Wireless Components department of SEA Company supplies and sells quality wireless products, such as GPRS / EDGE / GSM modems of various designs, 2.4 GHz wireless modules and accessories for them (SIM-holders, GSM antennas, adapters, connectors).
To meet the needs of the market of transport logistics and security, we have been delivering all kinds of GPS chips and services for many years. SEA Company provides technical support for our customers' projects from the moment of choosing the element base to the mass launch of serial production.
Our engineers are highly qualified to help our customers solve almost all of their pressing problems of setting up wireless communication.
Many different projects have been launched both in Ukraine and abroad, which was made possible by the close and productive cooperation of engineers and managers of the Wireless Technology department with employees of our clients' companies.
Applications of wireless modems and modules:
  • Wireless computers;
  • Remote data collection from various meters of water, gas, heat, energy;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Transport logistics;
  • Energy;
  • Industrial devices;
  • Security;
  • Network devices;
  • Cash registers and payment terminals;
  • Medical industry;
  • Slot machines.
We perform direct deliveries from our reliable partners:
  • Amtek Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Attend Technology Inc.
  • CviLux Corporation
  • Digi International GmbH
  • Fibocom Wireless Inc.
  • Molex Interconnect GmbH
  • Quectel Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd.
  • Rabbit Semiconductor (DIGI)
  • Sierra Wireless S.A.
  • SIMCOM Limited
  • Trimble Europe B.V
The product line includes such products as: Q2686, Fastrack Supreme, Fastrack Xtend, Q64, GR64, WMP, WISMO, Q24Plus, Q24Classic, Fastrack Go, SL8082, M10, M12, L10, EB-500, XBP24-ACI-001, XBP24-AWI-001, XBP24-AUI-001, XB24-ACI-001, XB24-AWI-001, XB24-AUI-001, ESG-GPS-03-SMA, ESG-GSM-01-SMA Straight, ESG-GSM-02-R-SMA, ESG-GSM-04-SMA, ESG-GSM-05-SMA, ESG-GSM-06-SMA, ESG-SMA-RG178-113 etc.
SEA –°ompany is a reliable long-term importer of wireless technology products for Ukrainian and foreign partners. Our qualified specialists will provide competent consultation on modules and other wireless components in the proper way to find the best option for the client's request. In order, to get the consultation and to make a purchase, please contact SEA office via phone: +38 (044) 330-00-88 or e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.
We perform direct deliveries from our reliable partners:
Attend Technology Inc.
Digi International GmbH
Fibocom Wireless Inc.
Quectel Wireless Solutions Co. Ltd.
Sierra Wireless S.A.
SIMCOM Limited
Trimble Europe B.V