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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

In order to ensure reliable power supply for industrial equipment, utilities and private homes, SEA Company has started production of universal modular sources of uninterrupted power supply based on the universal solar hybrid inverter manufactured by SRNE. Currently, we already have single-phase solutions with a nominal power of 3.0 kW or 5.0 kW.

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SEA Company performs a full cycle of works:

Installation on site.
Adjustment works.

Our uninterruptible power supplies are assembled on the basis of hybrid inverter charger that works with 24 V or 48 V batteries. The ability to work with any type of battery, including lithium batteries with the CAN data exchange protocol, gives you the opportunity to provide uninterrupted power for your equipment with minimal investment. The charging current of up to 80 A provides fast intelligent charging of batteries.

The versatility of the power source: general power supply network, solar panels or generator. The modularity of the solution allows you to increase or decrease the battery capacity. The presence of remote monitoring ports allows you to always monitor the state of your power network from anywhere in the world thanks to the possibility of using an optional WiFi module.

A team of experienced specialists will help you choose the optimal solution for a set of equipment for your needs. The universal modular uninterruptible power supply from SEA Company is an effective solution that solves complex power supply problems for any of your needs.

Technical characteristics of inverters with a nominal power of 3300 W for 24 V batteries used in universal single-phase uninterruptible power supplies. If it is necessary to increase the nominal power of universal single-phase uninterruptible power sources up to 5000 W, HF4850S80-H type inverters with a battery voltage of 48 V are used.

To place an order or get additional advice on products, contact the electrical products sales department of SEA Company by phone +38 (044) 330-00-88, or send a request to the e-mail address: info@sea.com.ua