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Parking meters and parking payment stations

SEA Company manufactures parking payment machines using a modular system of configuration within the most suitable type of cabinet.

Models can be grouped into pay stations that accept exact fare only — SEA AP 100.04, PM1, PM2 — or are able to give change — PM3.

All configurations of automated multi-space parking pay terminals issue checks on thermal paper, include a GSM radio channel module and a contactless reader for special parking cards.

SEA AP 100.04 parking pay station with exact fare SEA AP 100.05 parking pay station with exact fare SEA AP 100.28 parking pay station with exact fare
SEA AP 100.04 PM1 PM2
Payment for parking services is made by banknotes through a paper bill receiver. The parking meter is equipped with a 7'' touch screen display, a bills receiver and a banking cards reader. Payment for services can be made by bank notes and cards (exact fare only). This model accepts payment by paper money or credit / debit cards (no change) and is equipped with a 10.4’’ touch screen display, a vandal proof PIN-keyboard, both a bills receiver and a banking cards reader.

Parking pay stations are mostly used as payment terminals of the automatic and semi-automatic parking complexes:

Additionally, models with exact fare get installed near sidewalks throughout cities as on-street parking meter pay stations: they can work up to 9 months (from spring to autumn) and up to 1 month in winter when recharging batteries from solar panels.

SEA AP 100.34 parking lot payment machine that issues change

This configuration accepts payment by bank notes, coins and cards, also includes a 12.1’’ display, a vandal proof PIN-keyboard and a bar code scanner. Change is issued in two or four denominations of notes (including coins).

Features of parking ticket payment machines

"SEA AP 100" series parking pay station of SEA Company production

  • Flexible modular construction allows for the functional and cost adjustment of each individual parking machine. Cabinets are made from stainless steel. Climatic resistance system and energy saving modes make equipment operation more durable and effective
  • Parking service fee is calculated in accordance with specified rates. Payment methods are varied: bills, bank cards, special parking cards, with or without issuing change
  • Multi-level cash protection. No need for frequent encashment due to a large volume of the vandal-resistant replaceable cashbox: during cashbox removal a reference tape gets printed and a Z-report is generated automatically
  • User-friendly menu on a LCD / TFT touch display guides the visitors and service personnel of the parking lot through the options clearly and securely in the language of their choice
  • Management software with WEB-interface provides the following functional abilities: remote monitoring of key parameters of parking machines, data validation, real-time control of parking payment systems, reports generation and so much more
  • Mobile applications of parking space inspector and user (driver) provide the SEA APPCS (Automated parking payment control system) interface for easy navigation in the parking area, carrying out and control of payments for various services
  • High security standards are met and enforced, all events are logged. Communications with parking equipment are carried out comprehensively via GSM, GPRS, LAN, WI-FI
  • SEA Company provides warranty and post-warranty service as well as technical support of the parking equipment throughout the entire period of its operation.

SEATM parking equipment and systems meet the diverse requirements of cost-effective metered car parking spaces: low development, installation and maintenance costs, easy modernization, possibility of integration into other parking systems (maybe even a unified city parking space), great dependability and outstanding ease of use. SEA Company has implemented many projects in Ukraine and abroad and this experience makes our parking technology a compelling choice for you.


SEA Company is your partner since 1990

In order to get expert advice, buy parking equipment, design, install or upgrade an automated parking payment system please contact SEA Company by phone +38 (044) 330-00-88 or via e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.