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Automatic parking systems

SEA Company offers automatic parking system of our own production.

The automatic parking system works independently and service of it comes down to, to rearrange durable bags with RFID cards from exit parking terminal to the entry.

SEA Company produces automatic parking using RFID parking card reader for contactless entry or the classic disposable barcode tickets.

The compound of the automatic parking system is:

Automatic parking system works as follows

1 — Driver of car at the entrance to the parking area must click the entry terminal and get a parking card (or a parking ticket). There is also the possibility of issuing regular customers subscription contactless cards, in which are pre-programmed information about the owner of the car, as well as the possible issue of service contactless access cards for parking staff.

2 — When zooming in on an induction loop in front of the entrance terminal, automatically makes a photo of the car with the plate number. After receiving the parking card traffic lights turn green and the barrier opens automatically. After passing a car on the parking area, the barrier closes automatically.

3 — Before leaving the parking lot, the driver pays for parking services using a payment terminal.

When applying the parking card in the card reader of the payment terminal, the cost of parking services displayed on the screen, at the same time bill acceptor lights turn green.

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4 — After payment for parking, the driver has a certain time to exit the parking lot. The value of the time range can be set depending on the size of the parking lot, and other factors.

When you leave, driver inserts paid parking card to the dispenser of exit terminal. Terminal analyzes the fact of payment and if payment by this card is right and time has not been exceeded for the exit – in this case dispenser takes parking card, system makes photo fixation of the car with plate number, the barrier opens and the traffic light turns green. After leaving, the barrier closes automatically.

SEA Company has a wide range of options for parking enforcement, both in cash and cashless payments.

Software of automatic parking system

Software for managing of automatic parking systems, developed by specialists of the SEA Company, has the ability to create multiple accounts with different access levels:

  • Manager (for accountant or manager - readings of various financial and statistical reports, view statistics of filling up of parking lots, etc.);
  • Administrator (flexible software configuration, commissioning of various tariff etc.).

reporting windowparking sessionPhotofixation of vehicle and recording it to the archive

SEA Company is one of the few companies on the Ukrainian market, which have own complete production cycle of parking meters and parking equipment: from design to installation of equipment at the customer's site. In the asset of the company are many completed projects in this area. Parking facilities and parking meters manufactured by SEA Company are simple and reliable in operation, have ample opportunities to extend the functionality and integration into the development of monitoring and dispatching.

SEA Company is your partner since 1990

In order to get expert advice and buy an entry and exit parking terminals and parking facilities, please contact SEA Company +38 (044) 330-00-88 or e-mail: info@sea.com.ua