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LED variable message signs

LED variable-message road signs (LED VMS) produced by SEA Company are multiway control road signs.

LED road signs are intended to inform participants of road traffic about the traffic conditions on public roads, urban and rural settlements.

LED variable-message road signs produced by SEA Company connect with the global system of traffic management.

All the LED variable-message road signs produced by SEA Company meet the European standard EN12966-1: 2005 and have the following characteristics according to the classifier of this standard:

Brightness   L3
Luminance ratio   R3
Observation angle   B7
Color   С2
Temperature range   BТ1-Т3
Level of protection   P3 (IP65) - front, P2 (IP54) - rear

Types of LED variable-message road signs and their specifications



  SEA1220VSF   SEA0816VSF   SEA1216VSM






Display size of reflected data, mm

  1280 x 1280   768 x 768   1280 х 768

Pixel pitch, mm

  20   16   16

Composition of pixel, Cree

  Light-emitting diode RGB   Light-emitting diode RGB   Light-emitting diode amber

Overall dimensions, mm

  1280 x 1280 x 180   768 x 768 х 180   1280 х 768 х 180

Maximum power consumption, W

  200   600   400

Weight, kg

  45   80   65

Controllers of the road signs




SE01RSC series





Receiver channel





  Ethernet 10, RS485

Maximum size of displayed image, m

  1.5 x 1.5

Provided opportunities


Auto-change of  brightness

  in accordance to the weather conditions and day time (day/night)


  outboard temperature

Control of cooling fan

  according to the inner temperature


  outboard temperature level on the road sign of variable information, as well as the current date and time


  about power supply disconnection and pollution of air filters of the cooling system

Dispatching Software

"Automated control system of LED variable-message road signs" has the following features:

  1. After the program launches a login window appears - user is requested to select an access level and then enter a corresponding password.
  2. Admin and controller access levels enable setting restrictions on user's actions - for example a controller is allowed only to change the sign, and at the same time the administrator is allowed to:
    • add a city, district, crossroad;
    • place the LED VMS on the map;
    • install a new sign, assign an IP address for the sign;
    • create graphic representation of signs and add it to the base;
    • impose restrictions on changes for controllers;
    • look through the log files all the changes of sign;
    • look through the log files received messages, the lack of power, communication of a sign, etc.

Interface of the dispatching software


SEA Company is able to manufacture any size of LED VMSs with pitch of 256 or 320 mm in accordance with the customers' orders . Also the company provides development and support of dispatching software.

Please request for details the central headquarter of SEA Company in Kyiv, Ukraine: +38 (044) 291-00-41; info@sea.com.ua