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Barrier semaphores

Barrier semaphores manufactured by SEA Company:

  • d=300mm

  • d=200mm



Main features of LED Barrier semaphores with central light source of SEA Company manufacture:

  • Supply voltage 220V (+22 / -33) 50Hz
  • Average power for one traffic light section doesn’t exceed 7-10 W
  • Front lenses of modules are transparent and completely exclude phantom flash
  • Barrier semaphore housings are made of black polycarbonate
  • Protection level IP65
  • Operating temperatures -40°С... +70°С
  • Barrier semaphore weight depending on configuration – 5 kg
  • Lifetime not less then 10 years
  • Warranty period of exploitation is 5 years

Our products fully meet the highest world standards and European EN12368 standard


SEA Company is your partner since 1990

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