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LED traffic lights

To date, the problem of poor-quality traffic lights is in the forefront of road infrastructure development. Drivers very often do not notice how the traffic light flickers, because of the glare of the sun they do not see which LED color is on. This is only a couple of problems that are worth working on and the best solution would be to install LED traffic lights.

Traffic lights of SEA Company production have number of advantages – availability of developed especially for optical system with central source of light front diverging lens and installed inside light source Fresnel lens. These technical solutions guarantee evenness of light distribution and form required diagram of radiation pattern. Use of darkening technology while manufacture of front lens allows to completely exclude phantom effect of color lighting, what helps to improve traffic safety.

LED modules lifetime is much longer then lifetime of incandescent lamps and halogen light sources and amounts to 100 000 hours. Warranty period of exploitation is 5 years. Traffic lights are very convenient in exploitation and very trustable in work.

LED Traffic Lights Products for Vehicle Signal

  • 200 mm LED Traffic Lights
  • 300 mm LED Traffic Lights
  • LED Traffic Lights with Countdown Timer
  • 200&300 mm Combined LED Traffic Lights

  • 200 mm LED Pedestrian Signal
  • 300 mm LED Pedestrian Signal
  • LED Pedestrian Signal with Countdown Timer
  • Audible Pedestrian Signals

Main technical characteristics of LED traffic lights with central light source of SEA Company manufacture


D 200

D 300

Luminous intensity
(red, yellow, green), Cd



Wavelength, nm (conform to Standard EN 12368)


613,5 – 631


585 – 597


525 – 530

Phantom effect protection class

Possibility of phantom lighting from external light source is excluded

Supply voltage, V



Maximum power consumption, W



Minimum power factor


Protection level


Maximum operating humidity, %


Operating temperatures, °С

-40 / +70


Class IR3

Emission uniformity



Light distribution


B 2/1 (type W)

B 3/1 (type N)


conform to Standard EN12368

SEA Company traffic lights in Kyiv

Main features of LED traffic lights with central light source of SEA Company manufacture

  • Traffic light characteristics conform to Standard EN12368
  • Supply voltage 220V (+22 / -33) 50Hz
  • Average power for one traffic light section doesn’t exceed 12W
  • Traffic lights maintain stable lighting parameters during whole time of exploitation within range of supply voltage from 187V to 242V and have minimum power factor 0,9 within whole range of supply voltage and operating temperatures
  • Front lenses of modules are transparent and completely exclude phantom flash (pic.1).
  • Traffic light housings are made of black polycarbonate
  • Protection level IP65
  • Operating temperatures -40°С +70°С
  • Traffic light weight depending on configuration – 7-11 kg
  • Traffic light construction allows fastening of additional sections to it
  • Fastening construction allows to install traffic lights at all types of consoles, walls and ropes
  • Lifetime not less then 10 years
  • Warranty period of exploitation is 5 years

Our products fully meet the highest world standards and European EN-12368 standard.

LED Traffic lights of SEA Company production

Countdown timers at red lights warning drivers how much time is left before the light changesAudible signal devices SEA are designed to give audible signals on pedestrian crossings equipped with traffic lights

LED traffic and pedestrian bodies of signal heads


  • Top aesthetic design, high quality black polycarbonate material guaranties pleasant visual perception of traffic lights in the streets.
  • Single traffic light body compatible with 300mm and 200mm lens diameter.
  • Different types of traffic lights may be easily combined in one body.
  • Fast and easy mounting of LED modules, the design is handy in use.
  • High quality of polycarbonate body guaranties long operation life under any adverse environmental conditions.


The bodies are made of firm polycarbonate (not of reuse material) and secure high level protection from external factors, such as weather, vibrations, temperature fluctuations and vandalism.


Protection level



Class IV / IP 56

DSTU 14254


Class IR 3

25Hz, 19,6 m/s²


Class A,B,C


Dimensions and weight of the main types of traffic lights

Traffic light part number

Dimensions, mm, not more

Weight, kgs, not more

LED traffic lights TL T1.1-SEA



LED traffic lights TL T1.2-SEA



LED traffic lights TL T1.3-SEA



Pedestrian traffic lights TL P1.1-SEA



Pedestrian traffic lights whith countdown timer TL P1.1-T-SEA



Additional accessories for traffic lights objects

Along with technical characteristics of the device, a great deal of attention is paid now to its ergonomics and convenience in operation. Taking into account current market regulations applied to traffic lights objects, as well as European experience in this field, SEA Electronics Ltd. offers pedestrian call buttons corresponding to pedestrian stage of traffic light.

Buttons covers are made of high quality polycarbonate-plastics colored in yellow. Used material possesses its mechanical qualities within a wide range of temperatures: -40°C to +125°C. Pedestrian call buttons are furnished with an optical confirmation of the signal and are compatible with all types of traffic controllers.

Model \ Characteristics



Type of button

Mechanical button with optical confirmation

Sensor button with optical confirmation

Power supply voltage

24V DC and 230V AC


Dimensions (HWD)

180 x 67 x 56 mm


For the blind – pedestrian crossings can be equipped with audible signal device.

The audible signal device is designed on the basis of microprocessor circuit technique enabling recording and reproduction of all kinds of sounds and spoken messages.

Acoustic system of signal devices is equipped with a special device enabling dynamic adjustment of the volume of generated signals to external conditions.

The audible signal device, thanks to a digital technique used in it, does not demand permanent supervision. After its launch, all what is needed is single maintenance regulation to set the lowest sound volume. Spoken messages indicating the name of the respective street can be recorded to electronic memory (if this function exists in audible signal device).

Traffic lights mounting and fastening

Module mounting: traffic light body is compatible with 300mm and 200mm lens diameter.

Fastening element design allows of installing the traffic lights on all types of the consoles, walls, wire ropes, etc.

Mounting the components into the door can be performed quickly and easily, without applying special mounting tools.


SEA company offers its customers led traffic lights for sale. In the company's catalog there are 200mm led traffic lights, 300mm led traffic lights, hour glass led traffic lights, daylight led traffic signals and other road traffic equipment. SEA produces traffic lights only from high-quality imported components: solar led traffic lights produced by SEA have many positive characteristics that will not leave you indifferent.

In order to buy led traffic signal lights, know led traffic lights price or get more information, please contact our main office on +38 (044) 330-00-88 or e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.