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Differences and features of SEA AP parking meters

SEA Company designs, produces and distributes a varied line of parking pay terminals. The main characteristics of our popular "SEA AP 100" models are presented below in a clear tabular form.

General data

Configuration 100.04 PM1 PM2 PM3
Outward appearance
Operating mode round-the-clock (24 / 7)
Dimensions, mm 1700×350×350 1725×356×350 1700×500×400 1700×700×500
Weight, kg 72.5 91 (115 with a rechargeable battery) 140 162 (172)
Information exchange channels with the local parking server and the central dispatching server GPRS Ethernet, GPRS, 3G (optional)
Number of parking rates, min 10
Report generation Z-reports, Х-reports


Payment for parking services

Configuration 100.04 PM1 PM2 PM3
Touch monitor (informing, car number input, payment) no yes
Fiscal unit (built-in registrar of settlement operations) whole parking meter (inseparable) Electronic control cash registrar of SEA Company production
Fiscal check issuance yes
Parking ticket printing yes
Acceptance of payment for parking services:
Banknotes yes
Coins (acceptance and return) no yes optional yes
Banking cards no contactless with a chip contactless, non-contactless
Vandal-resistant PIN-code keyboard no no optional
Issuance of change:
Banknotes, denomination no yes — 2
(or 4)
Coins no optional


Equipment operation

Configuration 100.04 PM1 PM2 PM3
Dispatching capability yes
Power consumption (without / with heating), W 30 50 80 / 520 80 / 600
On-street parking meter main no
Parking terminal for automated parking possible main
Environmental conditions:
Temperature, °С -20...+55 -10...+45
Humidity at 25 °С, % 95
Outdoor use yes (IP33)
General, years 7
Warranty, months 12


Additional options

By agreement with the Customer, SEA Company specialists complete the equipment set, connect and configure auxiliary modules.

Configuration 100.04 PM1 PM2 PM3
Built-in electricity meter yes optional
GSM / GPRS modem yes optional
Driver-dispatcher intercom no no optional
Heating and cooling system no optional
Anchoring kit yes
Electric accumulator:
Storage battery, pcs yes — 1 optional — 2 (12 V, 18-55 A•h)
Charging the battery from solar panels no optional
Coin acceptor:
Basic (receive only) no optional optional no
With change issuance function no optional
Readers / scanners:
Parking ticket barcode no no optional — built-in barcode scanner optional — built-in / mechanized barcode scanner
Parking cards MIFARE optional


In order to get expert advice, buy parking equipment, design, install or upgrade an automated parking payment system please contact SEA Company by phone +38 (044) 330-00-88 or via e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.