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LED lighting system for pedestrian crossings

  • 14.06.2018
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In our days there is an urgent problem of road lighting.

Every third traffic accident occurs with the participation of a pedestrian. The main reason for such accidents is poor visibility: it's difficult for drivers to notice both pedestrians and pedestrian crossings in the twilight and at night, despite the presence of a road sign.

The illumination of an unregulated pedestrian crossing will:

  • significantly increase the safety of all road users,
  • reduce the number of collisions at pedestrian crossings
  • and — most importantly — make the pedestrian crossing noticeable from afar.

The LED lighting system is a modern means of providing illumination on pedestrian paths, which is comfortable for pedestrians and for drivers.

Installation of the LED illumination system will help to solve such problems as:

  • lack of lighting, poor lighting,
  • lack of light contrast (lack of visibility of pedestrians is supplemented with glare and blindness from street lighting),
  • blinding lighting (street lighting is directed towards the driver of the approaching transport).

LED sign for pedestrian crossings produced by SEA

SEA company offers a two-sided sign with LED end illumination for the designation of organized pedestrian crossing of the carriageway.

Technical characteristics

  • operation either from 220V mains or autonomously (powered by solar panels);
  • power consumption from 35 to 100 W (depends on the power of the built-in luminaire);
  • climatic zone УХЛ1 — temperate and cold macroclimatic regions, operation at -40 °C to +50 °C in the open air under the influence of any atmospheric factors;
  • enclosure provides IP65 level of protection (dust tight, secure against water jets);
  • the sign parameters comply with the standards of ДСТУ (National Standards of Ukraine) 4100-2014 (sizes I and II) and ДБН (Building codes) V.2.5-28-2006.

Illuminated road signLED illuminated sign for safer pedestrian crossing

In production of SEA LED backlit sign panels for road crosswalks only high-quality materials are used such as Mean Well power supplies, Seoul Semiconductor LEDs, LEDil optics. The operating time of the sign is not less than 60 thousand hours, the installation is possible on a mounting bracket, console or by suspension on the cable.

Secondary optics of the built-in lamp allow the sign to provide lighting onto 1-3 lanes. Thanks to the light indication of the sign, the effective illumination of the pedestrian crossing and the pedestrians themselves the number of emergency situations on the site tends to near zero.

In order to get a qualified consultation on the LED pedestrian lighting system, contact the office of the SEA Company +38 (044) 291-00-41 or e-mail: info@sea.com.ua