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Lighting of pedestrian crossings in Chernivtsi

  • 26.01.2024
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The LED pedestrian crossing lighting system is an important component of road safety. Its installation reduces the risk of traffic accidents and contributes to the general saving of energy resources. 

LED signs for pedestrian crossings manufactured by SEA Company continue to be implemented in Chernivtsi. This year, it is planned to increase security in a total of 40 areas throughout the city. So far, 26 LED signs have been installed.

LED signs for pedestrian crossingsLED signs for pedestrian crossings

Illumination of pedestrian crossings with SEA Company LED signs has several useful aspects:

Increasing visibility

Pedestrian Safety: Adequate crosswalk lighting makes it easier for drivers to spot pedestrians crossing the road, especially in low visibility conditions such as at night or in bad weather.

Reducing the risk of traffic accidents

Reducing the probability of accidents: Well-lit pedestrian crossings contribute to reducing accidents, because they help drivers detect pedestrians in time and respond correctly to their presence on the road.

Increased reaction time

Timely recognition of crossings: The use of LED lighting contributes to the rapid recognition of pedestrian crossings, since these LED systems can be turned on instantly and have a high quality of light flow.

Energy efficiency

Low power consumption: LED lighting is known for its energy efficiency, which allows for lower electricity costs for lighting compared to traditional light sources.

Durability and reliability

Long life: LED lamps have a longer life compared to traditional lamps, making them cost-effective for road use.

Environmental benefits

Fewer emissions: Using LED lighting also helps reduce CO2 emissions, as these lamps produce less heat and require less energy to operate.

For expert consultation on LED pedestrian crossing lighting systems, please contact SEA Company office by phone: +38 (044) 330-00-88 or by e-mail:  info@sea.com.ua