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Sources of uninterrupted power supply of traffic light objects from SEA Company in Bila Tserkva

  • 23.01.2024
  • 329

Uninterruptible power supplies manufactured by SEA Company have been installed at 4 traffic lights in Bila Tserkva.

uninterruptible power sourcesuninterruptible power sourcesuninterruptible power sources

Single-phase uninterruptible power sources are assembled on the basis of inverters with a nominal power of 3000 W and a peak power of up to 3500 W, with automatic switching to work from batteries and vice versa to the main network in 10 msec, which ensures reliable power supply of the traffic light object in the absence of the main power source more 12 hours. Inverters work with 24 V batteries of any type of battery, including lithium batteries, which gives the customer flexibility in choosing the type of batteries and reliability in providing uninterrupted power supply to equipment with minimal investment. The charging current of up to 55 A provides fast intelligent charging of batteries with maximum conservation of battery life. The automatic microclimate maintenance system in the cabinet of the uninterruptible power supply provides the possibility of operation at external air temperatures in the range from -30 to +60 °C.

uninterruptible power sourcesuninterruptible power sourcesuninterruptible power sources

SEA Сompany performs a full cycle of works:
  Installation on site
  Commissioning works

A team of experienced specialists will help you choose the optimal solution for a set of equipment for your needs. The universal modular uninterruptible power supply from SEA Company is an effective solution that solves complex power supply problems for any of your needs.

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