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Cashless payment for parking is now in Ukraine

  • 13.04.2016
  • 336

The first two parking meters manufactured by SEA Company with the ability of payment by credit card were installed in the center of Lviv on the Shevchenko Square and Mickiewicz Square. You can pay by a card with a magnetic strip or a chip and also using Pay Pass technology. Today, many car owners are facing the problem of lack of cash in your wallet at the time of payment of parking. At the same time every second car owner has a credit card in his wallet. PrivatBank jointly with SEA Company integrated into parking meters Ingenico device, which made it possible to implement such a form of payment for parking.

"The practice of payment by credit cards is widespread in Europe and in the world, and now such opportunity has appeared in Ukraine - said Deputy Chairman of the bank Roman Nehinskiy. - I am confident that this practice quickly enters in the daily lives of all cities of Ukraine."

Brief specifications of parking meters

  • Weight: not more than 140 kg
  • Parking meter housing: riot-resistant, stainless steel with a thickness of 2 mm, powder-polymer coating
  • Protection class according to EN 60529: IP 33
  • LCD-monitor: colored (1024x768 px) 10.4 ", riot-resistant
  • Receiving payment for parking are made by cash as well as banking credit cards
  • Parking meters have an internal wireless modem transmission of control and reporting information to the server data
  • Power consumption - no more than 520 W
  • Climate parking meter resistance: Operating ambient temperature from -30 to +60 ° C;
  • Available options: installing solar panels.

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